About me

CINNIG was founded in April 2020 by me, Cindy Rekman, the T-shirt mam of Amsterdam. I create graphic T-shirts for my daughter, son and boyfriend.

They say with the amount of people making T-shirt designs you have to focus on a niche. Well I haven’t found it yet and I don’t really care. Among my designs you will find a lot of flowers and hearts but also an ode to the village I live in (Landsmeer, attached to the North of Amsterdam), A Mercedes, an ‘I love pony’ in glitter, a ghost pirate ship and lately mostly protest T-shirt designs. It’s probably all a phase. If you (your friend, your child) find yourself in a similar phase, I would be happy to make such a T-shirt for you.

I choose to only use T-shirts made of 100% organic cotton that are ethically produced. The clothing brand Stanley / Stella fully complies and on top of this their T-shirts have a nice fit and a soft feel. With a plotter I cut out the design from flex foil and press it with a heat press and lots of love on the T-shirt. This makes me happy every time.

The number of designs is steadily expanding. I still have hundreds of ideas but just not enough time. If you are a T-shirt lover like me, you should connect with me on Instagram. I try to post something each week. Facebook, Pinterest and/or Etsy is also possible but I’m a bit lazy there.

Tip for all T-shirt junkies
My favorite graphic T-shirts, I wear them until they’re worn on the wire. And then what? The tee and I have been through so much together that throwing it away is absolutely not an option. If you also have such dramatic feelings about worn, beloved shirts I have this TOP solution! Make a big pillowcase out of them. In case you have loads of them: a play mat.