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Upcycle your T-shirt into a green statement

Peeling of the flex-foil.

We should stop buying fast fashion. Let’s face it. Textile production is an estimated 10% of global CO2 emissions, making it one of the largest polluters in the world. Best is to buy only clothes which are ethically produced and of good quality so you can wear it for years. The T-shirts of Stanley / Stella certainly qualify for this.

Pimp up your old clothes
It is even more sustainable not to buy new clothes but to upcycle your old clothes. Without knowing it, upcycling is what I have been doing for the past year. I have printed flex-foil on really every blank garment in the house. I didn’t want to buy new T-shirts all the time but I had to practice my heat press technique. Now I know vinyl is not really environmentally friendly but I use the version without PVC which is OEKO-Tex certified. This way I made peace with it. The most important thing is that you can use it to make old shirts like new, or sweaters, pants, bags, pillowcases, you name it. To prevent it from ending up in the landfill.

Wildfires and floods due to global warming.

‘For Keeps collective’ is an organization which promotes thrifting and upcycling. For the next two years they’ll work with artists and designers to make 100 old white T-shirts like new again. This to make a green statement. And because I fully embrace this mindset, I participated.

About the design
My graphic design entry shows wildfires and floods that are increasingly occurring due to global warming; the tree is on fire, the Lotus flower is washed over. The Edelweiss between the teeth of the skull is threatened with extinction. But in the human skull there is still yin and yang, the sun and the moon. The solution is simple: ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’.

You can buy this T-shirt in the webshop. Only after you have chosen size and color, the flex-foil will be cut and heat pressed on the T-shirt. This ‘order-on-demand’ principle is a big step in how to prevent waste.

Download the design as a freebie
But as we are actually promoting upcycling here, I also made the design available as a free download. This way you can pimp up your old T-shirt yourself with for example heat transfer vinyl and your home iron. Sign up for the newsletter on the bottom of this page and you will receive a link for the file as svg and pdf in your welcome email.

Follow For Keeps Magazine and on Instagram @forkeeps_collective to see all 100 Green Statement T-shirts being made and get to know the designers.

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