Meet Pluk van de Petteflet


Pluk van de Petteflet (Tow-Truck Pluck) is a magical story about a boy with a red crane truck. The children’s book is written by Annie M. G. Schmidt with beautiful drawings by Fiep Westendorp.
Pluk is looking for a house to live in and meets the pigeon Dollie who says that the tower room of the Petteflet is empty. In the Petteflet he meets Aagje, a girl who is not allowed to play outside because her mother is afraid that she will get dirty. Pluk also takes care of the cockroach Zaza who lives with him, he experiences adventures with the Stampertjes and helps the special bird called the Krullevaar learn how to fly.

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Blue
  • 98-104 98/104
  • 110-116 110/116
  • 122-128 122/128
  • 134-148 134/148
  • 152-164 152/164