T-shirt la liberté de la femme


Remind us that women’s freedom is not a given. And I just think that with the Age of Aquarius, the feminine energy will really start to take shape. By this I don’t mean women in positions of power outwardly, it’s all about the inner work. Living from your heart. Women are more receptive to this than men but hey, as a feminist I say that men can do this just as well as women. They just have to work a little harder for it. Sound familiar, ladies? 😉
With this higher consciousness of more and more women ánd men living according to their essence, we are creating a more beautiful and gentle world.

This is a sustainable T-shirt made of 100% organic cotton and ethically produced making it a super soft eco T-shirt. If you would like a different colour T-shirt or print, send me an email to find out the possibilities.