Size guide

Below you’ll find the sizes of the T-shirt per model for A. the width, B. the length of the shirt and C. the length of the sleeve.
Measure the width of your favorite T-shirt, do this about 2.5 cm under the armpit. Compare the number of centimeters with the right size chart.

Do you think this is too much of a hassle or are you not at home?
Then take the following as a guide:

  • The children’s sizes (‘Mini Creator’ model) are a bit on the large side. Don’t take a larger size when in doubt about the right size.
  • The women sizes (model ‘Expresser’) are fitted. Take one size larger when in doubt.
  • There are two different models for men. The black and the white colored T-shirt is model ‘Feels’ and is slightly fitted. When in doubt, take one size bigger. The blue T-shirt is model ‘Creator’ and this shirt is a bit oversized. So just take your own size for this blue one or if you don’t want it to be too wide, one size smaller.